Working in the library!!

Hey, guys,

In recess, instead of playing basketball, I go to the library to draw my own comic characters with the help of a book, or I edit my  math website (click on the blue text to go to see it) or I edit this site.

I love the library, instead with playing and the other guys taking the ball from me. It’s frustrating. In the library, you don’t have to do boring things like sitting on the chair without doing anything, no. You can study(which, I think it’s a little boring), draw, read, read books from the library, or you can use the computers. Well, I think that it’s fun. I like it. I just miss playing basketball a little bit but I want to start doing my own things in the library. I can only go in the afternoon(One hour and a half in the library), because in the morning it’s closed. So in the mornings I spend half an hour jumping through the basketball court trying to touch the rim or making the net over the basket, stuck it, and jump higher, unstucking it. That’s my first reason why. The second reason is because, my parents know that i love jumping.

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