Swimming pool’s over

Hey guys,

In school, I don’t like swimming pool. It’s tiring because I prefer being in a swinning pool that I can do anything. Anything like going underwater and up again, or relaxing, making cool things, or getting a bath there.

What’s more, swimming pool at school is over! Yay!

In swimming pool, we do amost the same every day, but things change. Sometimes we make games, freestyle, things to do in pairs, a ball, or we make other exercises.

The things we almost do every day are crawl, backwards, and fathom. I like fathom the most because it’s the most relaxing(for me) and when we do a full free pool, I always make fathom. I tell you once more, I love fathom.

The games, are cool, but I go against kids of more level of me and I never win. They are:

-Ball games


But some are fun like:


-Games in teams

But, guys, I totally tell you that I hate swimming pool.

One thing that I also know is that the pool is about 25 metres long.

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