Trivia Crack

Hey, guys,

Trivia Crack (Preguntados)is a game that you play with your friends online and it’s some questions of different things:History, Sports, Science, Art, Geography, Entreteniment and other (sometimes crown and sometimes question mark). You have hearts called lives, Diamonds, and coins. You also have a spinning wheel to know which category you have to answer. You can be Entertained for hours or so, and there are two ways of playing: New Game or Trivia Rush.

In the New Game mode you can challenge or play a classic game against your friends or against a random person of your level. If you lose your turn, you lose a live. You can get your turn by the other player missing his/her turn. If you get crown, you choose a character from the different things: Geography, Sports, Science, Art, etc, and if you answer the question good, you collect the character. You have to get all of the characters to win. The wheel, you have to spin it.

In Trivia Rush, You waste your coins for a game and if you win, you get a prize. If you lose, you don’t get anything. If you tie, you get the half of the prize. The wheel is spinned automatically.

You can buy lives, diamonds, and coins. You have to use your money to do that(Euros, dollars, pounds, etc…). Well, hope you enjoy the game, and good luck!

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