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Hey, guys,

Usually, when you have a team that is better than you, and you keep improving and everything, they put you down to a lower level and then, when you are a supergood player, you have all the others coming to a club to play just for the sick of playing. So, the solution is that I need to get to a team who has better level, from the same club. Or, the other solution is… 

…Going to a new club. A new club that has better players, better skills, better everything. My first option is Cerdanyola. They are good players, good ball-handlers, some are worse, some are better, but we have to recognise that they are good players. My second option is a better level of the club where I’m now: Divina Seguros Joventut, but i’m in Mini F, and the team that I want to go is Mini D. Higher grade, nobody bouncing the ball while looking at the floor, or anyone doing travel every now and then, or nobody stopping, thinking and then doing. No, no, they are like All-Stars. They are supergood players(better than me), like NBA players, in fact. But, my team, is one bouncing the ball and looking at the ball, another one doing travels every now and then, another one stopping, thinking, and doing, and everything. My third option is UESC(Unió Esportiva de Sant Cugat) because one of the guys of myn class goes to that goes there. He’s another fan of basketball, and goes to play there to learn. The level is higher, because it’s Pre-Infantil, and those are kids of 12-13 years, of ESO grades. And they are older.

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