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I found a website that you can play online games and you can be entertained for hours!The website’s name is friv(click the blue text for the link). There are lots of games that you can play: Cannon Basketball, Water bombs from The awesome world of Gumball, Papa’s pizzeria, etc. They are funny. Some are very easy, some are difficult. There are lots of more games. I think that it was invented to spend your time, but you can also play to have fun. I love friv, and my friends too. My favourite game is the one of basketball. It’s super cool. I also like Papa’s pizzeria because I like having costumers, and the second reason is that I love pizzas. I tell you: you have fun using this. But first, you have to do your homework or anything you have to do. And then, you can start in 3, 2, 1, Now!!!!!!!Resultado de imagen de friv

Here are some of my favourite games:

Resultado de imagen de cannon basketball

Resultado de imagen de papa's pizzeria

Resultado de imagen de water sons

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